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At Glotaonline, we believe learning should be accessible and engaging. Our team of experts have designed a platform that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere in the world, to learn a wide range of topics in a unique and interactive way.


Glotaonline e-learning Portal is revolutionizing the way people learn across the globe. We are connecting passionate Master Mariner lecturers and seafarers from all walks of life, through our engaging sessions and courses on a variety of topics.


Glotaonline is an e-learning portal where users can connect with one another in a dynamic, active community. With unique courses developed by our team of experts, Glotaonline offers valuable lessons and resources to help you reach your professional and educational goals.

Understand why learning online is the method of the future

Welcome to Glotaonline, the e-learning portal that offers an exceptional learning experience tailored to you. Our cutting-edge platform combines an engaging and interactive curriculum with the convenience of online access, making it a great choice for anyone who is looking to learn effectively—anytime, anywhere.

We believe that learning should be fun and effortless, so our courses are designed to make educational discovery exciting and easy. Whether you’re a student, teacher or business leader, Glotaonline’s dynamic approach to education will help you unlock your potential and discover why online learning is the way of the future.

We offer online courses to prepare you for a career in the Logistics and Transport industry and, for seafarers, preparatory CoC studies before college ashore.

Join us today in taking advantage of this exciting 21st-century way of shipboard learning for maritime/logistics professionals, especially seafarers!.


Glotaonline is an e-learning portal that brings together some of the industry's leading marine providers, offering certified professional mariners a great value in maritime training solutions


Featuring hundreds of courses covering topics including rules of the road, navigation, firefighting, ship stability and safety management, our learning modules are developed with subject matter experts.


We employ the latest technologies to bring together a world of knowledge and access across countries, With our cutting-edge tools, you can explore real-world solutions to problems in the industry.


Whether you’re a student looking for extra tutoring at sea or an educator seeking new insights into best industry practices, Glotaonline is here to provide meaningful, personable learning experiences that will stay with you long after the course has ended. .


Glotaonline is your one-stop destination for online learning. Our state-of-the-art data center provides a powerful and secure platform to access learning materials, take courses, and connect with maritime educators and seafarer students from around the world.


We believe that the best learning comes from exploring and experimenting with ideas, so we offer a range of interactive tools, activities and multimedia resources to help our students and lecturers uncover their full potential.

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Take advantage of our cutting edge technology and interactive learning tools that enable you to study at your own pace. We make it simple to track your progress and monitor your growth as you master new concepts with confidence.

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We offer a comprehensive selection of courses to help you reach your learning goals – from career enhancement to self-improvement


Our commitment to quality education is backed by a long list of satisfied customers, who have attested to our ability and dedication to help those passionate about the sea reach their dreams.

I had the opportunity to use the Glotaonline Services for my recent maritime training and I found the entire experience to be a positive one. Firstly, the training modules were clear, easy to understand and well organized which enabled me to quickly grasp the content and acquire new knowledge. 

Abena Dansoa

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A diverse selection of subjects and topics to cater to different learning objectives at the Management Level as required by the STCW 78 Convention.

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